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Mind tricks…


His last Opening Day in the Bronx is today.

You hate him but you know he’s a five-time World Series champ.

You hate him but you know he’s been in the playoffs 17 out of his 19 seasons in the bigs thus far.

You hate him but you know he’s got a lifetime .312 batting average (to date) with more than 1200 RBI and 250 homeruns in a 20-year career.

You hate him but you know he just passed Milwaukee’s Paul Molitor to become 8th in total hits, with Carl Yaztremski’s hit total coming up next. 

You hate him but you know he’s earned his nicknames “Mr. November,” “Captain Clutch” and whatever other monikers fans and other players have devised and applied.

You hate him but he plays the game right, and always has.

You hate him but you know you can’t hate him because look at that smile and oh yeah, did we mention the World Series rings?

Thanks for everything, Captain.

Thank you, Derek Jeter.

Even from the haters.

A smart and dirty mind is a wonderfully, sexy and deadly combination thing in a woman. Now, if she has the courage to act on it, she is endlessly fascinating….


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New grads into unemployment


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